Our air filters protect against snow

In winter 2009/2010 there were technical problems in rail traffic. In whole Europe trains had to stop at half distance or only could continue driving with reduced power, because the penetrated snow had put electronic components out of operation. The most famous example of this problem is the Eurostar, which got stuck in the English channel several times.

The filtration of snow is very difficult because there could be a thousand of very different snow crystals, which can change within seconds from one crystal type into another depending on climate conditions.

The goal is to prevent the penetration of snow into the railway vehicle, but not to block the fresh air and exhaust air ducts with snow or ice. By many realized projects, also for Scandinavia, we gained many years of experience in this sector and in addition we work together with the leading European research institute in the sector snow.

Snow filter systems from Krapf & Lex have already proven themselves in the snowy regions in north Europe and in the alpine region. Our references are the Eurosprinter of Siemens for Lithuania, the Scandinavian trains OUT, Metro Helsinki and Regina of Bombardier, the Minuetto of ALSTOM and the FLIRT.