Our air filters protect against water

Every ventilation grille (weather protect grille) from Krapf & Lex gets adjusted individually to your specific requirements. At the same time we support you from project start on with the design and costruction of the optimal solution for you. Our wide product range offers many possibilities for the customization of the installation depth as well as the adaption of the required maximum pressure loss.

Krapf & Lex Ventilation grilles

  • Decades of application experience
  • Absorbing values established/proven on the test equipment
  • Fast provision of 3D models for your engineering department

  • Hinged ventilation grilles, heated versions of ventilation grilles

  • Ventilation grilles with filter pad or flanged duct part

  • Engineering and production according to DIN EN 15085

  • Vibration- and shock test according to DIN EN 61373

  • Sealings with the required fire protection certificate

  • Our protection against corrosion fulfils highest standards

We deliver to all leading manufacturer in Europe (see References) and are represented with more than 500,000 ventilation grilles in use in railway vehicles worldwide.

In many cases we also construct complete components in which the ventilation grille is mounted into, e.g. front flaps, side wall flaps and side wall doors. The gluing technique, which is meanwhile certified, used for those components enables little weight and prevents the wavy surfaces that appear on welded components.