Our air filters protect against pressure shocks

If high speed trains are going trough tunnels or there is oncoming traffic, strong fluctuations of the ambient pressure occur, which can reach up to ± 10.000 Pa. These pressure shocks would reach the inside of the pressure tight vehicle through the fresh air und exhaust air ducts of the HVAC system. With occurring pressure differences in the inside of the vehicle, people can suffer from an unpleasant feeling of pressure. Pressure protection systems consist of a pneumatic operated pressure-sealed fastening and an electronic differential pressure measurement, which in case of exceeding of limit values, give a signal for the pneumatic to close the mechanism.

The pressure protection systems of Krapf & Lex are based on 15 years of experience and are specially characterized by:

  •  minimum space requirement
  • very low pressure loss
  • failure-free operation
  • very low maintenance effort

Pressure protection systems from Krapf & Lex reliably guarantee a very high comfort at high speed for passengers and train staff at all times. Our most famous references are the Transrapid, the ICE3 in Germany, the Railjet in Austria and the TRAXX Locomotives of Bombardier.